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L.O.T. "Shame To This Weakness…." LP Impressions (Part I)


I’m going to post impressions about this record now and then. Because it’s so damn inspiring and uncompromising that it really stimulates me to do so when I listen to it.  Listening to it drives me forward. And the lyrical content (which is not what this post is about) is so broad and philosophical that I can keep on writing about it.

The first impression, what I will be writing about here, is the record title:

How appropriate can a record title coming from out of a hardcore community be? SHAME TO THIS WEAKNESS MODERN WORLD… I couldn’t agree more. I mean, hardcore looks and searches for societies weaknesses. And tells them what they are. The ability to do this is a strength…

A weakness that can be found in following the mainstream society. A weakness of outing your anger at the wrong persons. A weakness of not knowing what makes you angry. A weakness of being dependent of consuming to have a nice time. A weakness of having fear. A weakness of paying respect through fear. A weakness of not daring to ask the right questions. A weakness of creating something that destroys. A weakness of following a leader. A weakness of being dependent of others. A weakness of not being able to hold on or to let go…

Hell yeah, weakness is everywhere. And we are here to search you for these weaknesses and tell you what they are. Does that make us the devil in a modern world…?

length of time shame to this weakness modern world grey gray vinyl lp good life recordings
LENGTH OF TIME “Shame To This Weakness Modern World” LP on GRAY vinyl


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