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This tape has a significant meaning to me. I had the chance to buy it a couple years back but I know OUT FOR BLOOD actually since mid- to late-nineties. They actually had a CD called “Strive To Survive” that I listened to or borrowed of a friend back in the days. It was one of the first though guy and more negative hardcore releases I heard. And also the one and only Brussels Hardcore (BXL-Hardcore) I was exposed to first time. Otherwise, it was Vitality and Congress and Culture or Morning Again. Everything went so fast I don’t remember the sequencing exactly. But I do remember the atmosphere of the first listen. Me as a teenage kid back then was extremely challenged and pumped by the sentence “Now it’s time to prove that your a man…”, a line somewhere in the lyrics.

out for blood demo 1996 cassette tape brussels hardcore

Ofcourse some of the tracks on the CD – which seems impossible to find now, except for a few on – appeared on that CD.  On a side note, I also think the CD-cover was different than that pictured on discogs now, if I remember correctly. Someone fill me in on this?

It’s also released on a 7inch by a label of Switzerland and came on red vinyl. See this earlier entry. Although I also saw black vinyl copies somewhere.

Well having this demotape surely brings back those memories. I still think to myself sometimes that “now it’s time to prove that you are a man…”!


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