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Big Kiss Goodnight Record Release

Finally I acquired the release version of the Big Kiss Goodnight LP of TRAPPED UNDER ICE. It’s besides the test-pressing the rarest version out there. Although it had been flipped many times on eBay, I resisted the urge to bid on it. Various reasons like sellers not willing to ship elsewhere than USA for example, or too expensive, or not able to bid on it.

But this time I couldn’t wait any longer. Before I went to sleep I did my bid and when I woke up and saw to my pleasant surprise that I won it. So here it is, the Big Kiss Goodnight record release.

trapped under ice tui big kiss good night bkg record release vinyl lp reaper records

Doesn’t look bad, actually it’s the only version where band-name and record-title are mentioned on the front-cover. Regular versions have graphical artwork only, without the typography. Except if you kept it in shrink, there’s a sticker on it with info of the release…

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