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CULTURE 1993-1998 From The Vault LP

Who would have thought that a new CULTURE release would see the light of day after they called it quits in the late 90’s. I didn’t, but eventually there recently came one. As in the 90’s tradition, this is a low-budget release. With the vinyl in a folded piece of heavy paper as sleeve. Look at it for yourself.

Colored vinyl in Cover 2: Kids and guns
Track-list and information are to be found on the sleeve
Ghetto Josh Records logo and numbering #10 /150 (Cover 2)
As you can see, a chronological discography history is on the backside of the sleeve. All of this with lots of details and who played or sang in the band at the moment. Also information about when and where the songs were recorded. And a lyrical explanation also.
A nice little detail is that the last song “Pimping The Revolution” is a live track recorded here in Belgium at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper.
Anyway there’s a lot of variety in the songs on this LP, it’s a compilation of demo tracks and other unreleased tracks. I enjoy listening to it a lot, as you probably might have guessed.
The label that released this is Ghetto Josh Records, also to my surprise. And they don’t let the opportunity to dis Conquer The World Records pass by. As you can see from this drawing:
There’s another cover called Smokestack cover which seems to be sold out. There’s also a CD version that you can buy at Good Life with 7 extra tracks…

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  1. Hey Willem,The LPs were pressed for the reunion back in September. The label only did a small run of them specifically for the show and then sold out of them. I should be able to get a picture of the Smoke Stack cover to send to you so you can see it…I personally like this one better. The CD version has bonus tracks on it. Hope you're well brother.xCHIPxSEM

  2. Thanks for the info xChipxSem.There's comment moderation on posts older than a few weeks. Yes, this cover is kinda sadistic towards the kid in the middle…


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