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MORDA And KINGPIN Colored Vinyl

I never actually featured many H8000 releases from after the 90’s, except for LIAR’s Murder Manifesto LP. Well there was definitely still a scene after the millennium-switch. And most of the releases have been put out on vinyl by REALITY RECORDS from Ghent. Also Hans from Sober Mind Records was still releasing and Good Life also but not so actively like as few years back. Proof me wrong but I think it was Congress as only H8000 band on Good Life after 2000.

To be honest and direct, after the year 2000 there still was H8000 but creativity went down fast it seems. The days of glory were over in my opinion. There still were a slew of bands that represented and continued playing but nothing extra ordinarily good came from that.

The records I’m featuring now are from that period and I needed them on colored vinyl because they still are sophomore elements of the greater H8000 collection.

First up is the “My Will Supreme” by MORDA. They make a good blend of Integrity, Ringworm inspired metal that reminds us of those days. Especially the vocals in the recording are reminiscent of the previous decade. Although purer metal and a tad more brutal. Morda was actually a band from where I live nowadays, but when they played I was still living at the coast.

As far as the CD-version goes, it was released on Bruges’ EYE SPY Records…

morda my will supreme lp red orange vinyl color reality records
 Dark orange Vinyl out of 100 copies
Next record, also on REALITY RECORDS is the “Bad Habits Die Hard” 10 inch of KINGPIN. I already had it on black but needed it on white vinyl too. Obviously I’m not done with collecting because there is a test pressing of this one in existence.
It’s actually quite cool because it features Josh of Congress on vocals. The hardcore they play isn’t edge-metal anymore. It’s a more though guy and old-school oriented style. Kingpin also had Pedro from Spineless on guitar. And were contemporaries of The Deal, 1 Outta 6, Core Of Anger and all those post-90’s bands. Obviously Congress and Liar were still playing as it was 2002…
kingpin bad habits die hard 10 inch vinyl white reality records
White vinyl out of 100 copies
As you can see on the B-side label of the vinyl-record; Josh Fury on vocals and Felony Fitn on guitar.
A funny thing is that Fitn’s dog was also called Kingpin.
The release exits also on CD but this format was made by Pyrorex which was the follow-up of Sober Mind Recordings…
The best record in my opinion that came a lot later but was also with H8000 veterans and also on Reality Records was the TRENCHFOOT “Tune In, Drop Out” LP but this one is for David to review…


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