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As Friends Rust 10 Inch

While looking for another record I stumbled upon a rarer version of the AS FRIENDS RUST 10 inch pressed by Good Life Recordings. I already had the picture disc for years, bought one of the final copies straight from the label.

as friends rust the fists of time 10 inch green vinyl good life recordings
Olive Green out of 300 copies

When I need to compare this to some other band, I’d say Dag Nasty blended with more anger. An easier to digest type of hardcore, leaning more towards rock and roll and indie. It’s has quite a divers character. And is filled with emotions.

When I read the matrix etchings, I see that for this one it’s not the usual pressing plant that Good Life usually used for pressing vinyl. Because the etchings aren’t handwritten like with the other records pressed for Good Life. And the vinyl has another feel than usual. Also the vinyl has thicker edges what usually isn’t the case.For those who don’t know this band has members of Morning Again, Shai Hulud and Culture. They started out in the late nineties after and released this in 1998. They have a reasonably big discography with a record on Equal Vision Records also…


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