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SUBZERO Happiness Without Peace LP

Another NYHC classic from the 90’s era to close off the ‘Demons Run Amok 17th May 2013 releases’ coverage. This record was originally released on Too Damn Hype records, but a year later already reissued with a remastered and remixed sound on Century Media. An immediate success for this album. Although the band already released some songs on demo-tapes and a 7inch on Inner Journey starting from 1990. All very hard to find releases.

To continue the history; the band was created by a Breakdown member and an Up Front member, both renown NYHC bands. The singer Lou Di Bella faced in a severe sickness which according to him made em a stronger person.
subzero happiness without peace vinyl lp dra demons run amok reissue white vinyl
To start my interpretation with the title “Happiness Without Peace”, an insightful and realistic title to say at least. In this modern age we are bound to be so. We learn or evolve to be happy without peace. There’s no other choice. Hardcore reality in your face.

The song “Boxed In” was covered by two flagships of Hardcore namely Terror and Hatebreed. Both are officially released recordings. It’s a powerfull sounding piece of music. And deals with the fact that if someone gets hurt in the way of reaching a purpose in life, there’s no pity involved.”Fuck MTV … I want my NYHC”, is another classic that says a lot about the Hardcore communities ethics. And still relevant to this very day with other intruders trying to make money or commercialize Hardcore. No way that will ever happen.

Then the B-side starts with an explanation of moshing for those who are unaware and think it’s hurting each other.

The last song that’s remarkable is “America the ungrateful”. Also a song that’s relevant to this day. About the wars that USA civilians need to fight in after being drafted. And the negligence of the government to help them lead a normal life when they return hurt or traumatized.

Anyway I’m glad to have this mid-nineties NYHC classic. Not as great as the youth-crew NYHC or the other mid to late 80’s NYHC bands, but still worth acquiring for your collection. And it’s also available on orange vinyl and black vinyl at the label Demons Run Amok.

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  1. looks nice on white! i purchased an orange copy but with an idiot move i gave a wrong shipping address. now i wait for the record to return to sender and then come back again… put mind in gear before ordering records!does it come with a download code?


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