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SHAI HULUD A Profound Hatred Of Man

Shai Hulud founded in 1995 with Damien Moyal on vocals. Altough it was Matt Fox who wrote the music and most of the lyrical content. Both men famous from the band Morning Again. Although Damien was only there in the early stage of the band. And after that a new vocalist was found in Chad Gilbert who later became more famous thanks to New Found Glory, and also for instance for the production of the latest Terror album.

The record I’m going to discuss is their 1997 7inch called “A Profound Hatred Of Man”. And it’s a good one. Although it’s the reissue from 2011 that I had lingering about here for a time. Without ever discussing it on the blog. The original was made by Crisis Records and Revelation Records in black and grey vinyl as is this repress.

There was a period were I intensively studied the texts of the band. Intelligent and useful content although a tad misanthropic. As the title suggest actually very misanthropic. Some moments I actually am in the same kind off mindset, especially when I watch/read the news. I also had to look up some of the vocabulary used as I’m not English by mother tongue.

shai hulud a profound hatred of man vinyl reissue 7 inch crisis revelation record
SHAI HULUD A Profound Hatred Of Man 7inch

The song “Hardly” is one of those melodies that stick in your head for hours once you listened to it. It’s by far one of my favorites of the band. I’m especially a fan of their earlier work. I like them up to the album “That Within Ill Blood Tempered”. After that I’m personally not so fond of their work anymore.

A fun fact is that they appear on the “The Past, The Present” cover LP, among all the Revelation All-stars. They stand out a lot as the rest is almost exclusively youth-crew songs. Which are of a more positive origin. Especially positive towards the self. While Shai Hulud’s lyrics in the beginning were very hard and negative towards the self.
Also needs to be mentioned that although they are misanthropic they don’t have a negative delivery of destructive and blind nature, what they say has foundations of various reasons.

Anyway great band that needed to be mentioned!


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