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Fire & Ice UNITED BLOOD 2013

I recently bought some hot Reaper Records items from a private seller. Those items that I’m unable to buy directly and so must buy second hand. I have no problem in doing that. Always nice to talk to peeps from USA who go to shows or fests.

The following record is one I totally did not know the existence of. After they did an awesome cover for Sound And Fury 2012 festival, the one with the galaxy on the cover, I didn’t think they’d make yet another one for a next year festival. Well, they did make one for United Blood 2013 too:

fire and ice not of this earth united blood 2013 vinyl LP reaper records
“Not Of This Earth” LP United Blood 2013 cover
Thick paper fold over cover

It’s a fold over cover in thick paper with four live-shots on it. Needless to say that I immediately noticed the parallels with the printed inner artwork. I thought it was a copy of it. But that isn’t totally the case. There’s one live-shot that is different and that’s the one of the guitarist in the upper right corner. The rest besides the addition of band name and title is unfortunately a repetitive picture of the inner.

similarities and differences between cover and printed inner

Well, I’m glad I discovered this one. One down, a huge pack left to go…

Here’s are some other shots of it:

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