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Finding My Peace In Second Presses

Yes, that’s right there are already second presses for the MALFUNCTION 7 inch called “Finding My Peace” on Reaper Records. What’s cool about the second pressing is that there are 2 colors pressed. That’s rather exceptionally for Reaper Records.

Anybody who checks the store knows this but what’s not known is that the covers for both second press colors differ. There’s a glue-pocket cover conform the first pressing colors red and clear. And there’s a new cover, a fold-open cover for the most common second press color (mustard yellow).

The label probably ran out of first press glue-pocket covers when assembling the aqua blue color with the sleeves. So my copy on aqua blue (250 copies) has a glue-pocket cover. While my mustard yellow copy out of 750 has the newly pressed fold-open cover.

malfunction finding my peace vinyl 7 inch second press reaper records
The two second press colors with different b-side labels
Mustard Yellow has a fold-cover
Aqua Blue has a glue-pocket cover

Also lyrics are printed on the inner-side of the fold-cover. But still my copy comes with an insert too.


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