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Black Sheep Squadron

Recently a seller on Discogs provided me the opportunity to buy the most limited color of the Black Sheep Squadron LP. Probably no one cares about this early Reaper Records release? But I needed it badly. I actually thought given the rarity of this record (out of 30 copies) I’d never find it.

Black SS “Foreign Object”
Gatefold jacket
black sheep squadron bss foreing object lp white vinyl reaper records
White vinyl out of 30 copies

What’s cool about this release is the fact that Reaper Records released this in cooperation with Organized Crime Records. Believe it or not but this record has got 2 pressings already. First press is subdivided in 4 colors and has a gatefold cover:

  • Red of 660 copies
  • Gray of 100 copies
  • Clear with red splatter of 100 copies
  • White of 30 copies
The second press is one of the ugliest LP colors I’ve seen. And also has no gatefold cover anymore.

This release is something for Wild Punx that like straight forward punk music. I’m talking about fast and pissed off punk music. Not unlike way back in the 70’s. Back to the roots …

Just the thing you need to start the weekend. They also bring a cover of Uniform Choice’s “My Own Mind” at the end, paying homage to the straight-edge generation that paved the path for us.

Anyway this is not what you would expect to sound like, given both Reaper and OCR are real Hardcore labels. Anyway have a listen yourself…


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