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Hard to Stay Cold with these TIH presses

Just in is the one missing piece that was created to make my STAY COLD collection incomplete. No that’s not true, it was made for This Is Hardcore festival 2013. And it’s a well-done version I think. I’m actually so stoked about this that I’m posting it the same hour it arrived in my mailbox.

Anyway, the Stay Cold collection remains complete although on certain moment it seemed not to stay that way. I figured after a month of being in the mailing process it would never arrive and so me and the seller started an investigation with our countries postal services.

Anyway, enough chit chat already. The record looks awesome with the light blue to dark blue splatter forming a contrast together with the pink paint on the black and white printed cover. It’s an eye-pleasing piece. It should have been this way, since it roughly the 5 years anniversary press. Also the 18th version created ever.

trapped under ice tui tih press yolo reaper records

Anyway I won’t do an updated collection shot. I’m guessing within ten years, when the 50th version is made, I’ll reconsider doing that effort again…

Also from the awesome seller came the TIH 2013 press of the newest Turnstile ep… I already posted about this copy, but it’s not exactly correct to state that, because the already featured copy is a personalized copy.

If there’s anyone who has an incredible proposal I might consider trading this ‘second’ copy… and keep only the personalized one.


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