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Today I present you a record from the Good Life catalog again. The EIGHTEEN VISIONS LP called “Until The Ink Runs Out” was a cooperation between Good Life and Trustkill. One of their many cooperations.
At first listen the structure of their songs sounds more complex than the usual Good Life release. I’m not so fond of more complex songwriting but can appreciate this. Especially considering the release year (2000) this was innovative in Hardcore. The divers elements that constitute the songs vary from aggressive riffs, to complex sequencing of guitar licks and brutal vocals. I think they had talent enough to create new standards in aggressive music.

There are also horrific dialogues between the songs that help create the macabre and scary atmosphere.

Also the great Converge in their “Jane Doe” period comes to mind when I hear this opus. They must have influenced each other. When I look up the release dates I can conclude this must be true.

Also the vinyl looks good, pink and white marbled. The sleeve’s blue print looks as intense as their music. But be not mistaken, the mellow butterfly and roses aren’t good indicator for what this sounds like.

eighteen visions lp pink vinyl good life recordings until the ink runs out limited
Eighteen Visions LP from year 2000
Pink vinyl out of 200 copies

Awesome record, have it on black also. The pink copies however are sold out at Good Life. But there are some black copies left. There are also copies of the “Vanity” picture disc that are dirt cheap by the way. And also the “Best Of 18 Visions” LP released by cult label Sober Mind Records are also still available at a bargain price. According to the label these still sell relatively good. No surprise then that colored copies go for a 30+ euro on eBay and Discogs.


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