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TUI PUNX Spray Painted My Cover

How dare they spray paint my cover? I’m kidding for sure. The final Trapped Under Ice show took place last summer at the This Is Hardcore Festival and they had to have a special cover edition with them. So they did. I’m unknowing if the band or the label made these awesome covers, or maybe even both of them. The result is awesomeness².

Take a tattoo art inspired cover and do some spray painting art on it and you have something totally Hardcore in my opinion. I mean punx have tattoo’s and spray paint the walls, so this cover suits them well.

trapped under ice this is hardcore lp tui punx spray paint limited edition 2013 reaper records

Seems like them going wild on the front cover wasn’t enough, they also too care of the back.


As a matter of fact they also put a numbering on the backside with a silver pen. A numbering is always cool and makes every copy unique while it being informative also.

number 29 out of 64

Last but not least there’s also a record in it. The second press of the “Big Kiss Goodnight” LP. Gray vinyl with yellow splatter:

Gray vinyl, yellow splatter in a sturdy printed inner sleeve

Recently I also obtained the last missing color of the first press. The black or dark swamp green version:

trapped under ice tui big kiss goodnight pre order vinyl green black reaper records vinyl
When held towards daylight

Need to make a group shot, or save it until I’ve got the test… Time will tell!

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