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BACKTRACK United Blood 2012 LP

It took a while to get my hands on this version of the first Backtrack full-length. It’s undoubtedly the most limited version of this LP, when the testpress is not included. The record comes with an extra fold cover that is printed on thick quality paper. The photo print shows a huge group-picture, filled with happy people.

Although I’m not completely sure if the picture isn’t modified with Photoshop here and there.
It was the third or even fourth time that I tried to buy it. Two previous times on eBay but outbid as you can guess. The third time underhanded on the B9 board but dude disappeared somehow during negotiations. So I’m definitely glad to have it finally. 
backtrack darker half limited edition united blood 2012 LP vinyl
I think the photo is real but that somewhere on the background Scott Vogel is placed in with Photoshop. Although I’m not sure of that statement. It wasn’t a sinecure to take a picture proofing this statement…
Let’s have a look at the man standing under the ‘K’ of the Backtrack logo, wearing a white hooded sweater. I’m sure it’s Scott Vogel no doubt about that… But he looks to stand more on the background and more solitary, I mean separated from the group. Obviously he’s also standing a little bit more crooked than the rest?
Scott Vogel overlooking it all… What do you people think?

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