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Culture "Born Of You" LP on clear

Until this day, Culture remains an influential band to me. Not only because the interesting lyrics and not only because I like their music, this one was a major want of me for years. I’m both happy and proud to cross this one of my wantlist after 8 years of collecting Good Life Recordings releases on all formats. I actually never had the opportunity to buy it before two weeks ago. Never appears in stores or lists of people who sell. So rare that one might think it became impossible to find.

But then all of a sudden a German seller on Discogs had it for sale. I remember running the query “Good Life Recordings” on Discogs and found it. Since it was a trustworthy professional seller whom I bought from before, I needed no second thought. I was not stressed about whether this would be a good buy or not, but I was stressed because I thought someone would beat me first.

culture born of you LP sxe 90 clear vinyl good life recordings
culture born of you vinyl lp clear good life recordings
Clear vinyl with blue streaks
Now I need to find a good condition copy of the black also and I can call it complete, unless I totally luck out and find a transitional copy. But I’m happy for an undefined and very long  period with this one, so no need to hurry.

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  1. As a matter of fact, you are right Tino! The other color is indeed blue. But I meant an even more obvious copy, humble as I am..


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