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Bringing back Spirit ’84

Things are still happening in my collection. It’s getting more and more focused on Good Life Recordings nowadays. Haven’t got the energy or time to post about it all. Also not many people still read and / or believe in this blog. But that was never the point of it. People need to form a critical opinion of their own. Oppressing an opinion or believe was never the goal.
I always liked writing and sharing about my findings, opinions and records and still do, so no reason to stop doing it.

The layout of this records is full of hints and insinuations about Youth Crew, Straight-Edge and Hardcore in general. Pretty awesome if you ask me. All the cool details are cool to discover.

spirit 84 hardcore vinyl 7 inch beyond the call of friendship good life
Cover with hints of classical shirts, I see a Trial and a Minor Threat shirt!
Side ‘Pile’ (and side ‘On’),  but also the “Live It Or Leave It” slogan
Band photo on the back cover

The first find, a version of the Spirit ’84 seveninch called “Beyond The Call Of Friendship”. I don’t know which version this is but there are a lot I suspect. This is a black vinyl copy with a cover I’ve never seen. Besides this one there are purple copies and other covers with black vinyl also.

Spirit ’84 is hinting at the true Hardcore spirit from the year 1984. But “Spirit ’84” is also a song of H2O’s first LP. Positive hardcore is what they wanted to keep alive in the midst of all the agony of the nineties.

It seems that I’ve got lots of other versions to discover too!


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