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V/A Land Of Greed… World Of Need LP

I finally found a good prized and fine condition copy of this LP. I needed it because the songs A1 and B1 are actually H8000 bands that were covering their song of the Embrace s/t LP on Dischord. As you already knew, Embrace is a band that has Ian MacKaye on vocals.

For those who don’t know, Ian Mackaye was the one who introduced the Straight-Edge into Punk. The band covered here is on of his later post-Hardcore bands. It’s a good album overall. Every song of Embrace’s self-titled album is covered by relatively famous 90’s bands. And was meant to be a fund-raiser for the homeless. Hence the title, hinting the fact that besides a greedy culture of few in a certain country there’s also a world of needy people in it too.

Various artists Land Of Greed World of need LP trustkill Records vinyl
First press, recognizable from the blank labels that got stamped
Bands on this compilation are: Nations On Fire, Current, Undertow, Groundwork, Outspoken, Sparkmaker, Function, Blindfold, Avail, Rancid, Lifetime, Process, Farside and Ashes

Some pretty big names featured. This LP dates from the year 1994 so this must have been one of Nations On Fire’s last recordings? Both the Belgian bands are lucky to take the first track of each side. The tracks that are listened to the most attentively.

But there’s also Rancid, which is now a huge band that is still active nowadays. And also Farside, a Revelation/Crisis Records band are present. Ofcourse Outspoken were also pretty famous and on New Age Records.

Given the fact that Nations On Fire and Blindfold are on there, we can conclude that Belgium was already pretty known in the USA in the mid-nineties. And that those two bands (NOF and BF) were flag-bearers.

Also the label who released this one – Trustkill – was a befriended label of Edward Nations On Fire, Trustkill together with Good Life, later did several releases together up to early 00’s. Good Life Recordings mainly took care of the vinyl releases under license of Trustkill.

The other involved label was Watermark Records, they released also a single of Conviction, a band with Earth Crisis members.

The LP also comes with a CD-sized booklet, where every band writes their opinions or views about homelessness. It’s also filled with addresses of shelters for the homeless. So that you can guide them to it or support these shelters.

Look up this post to see the cover of the Embrace s/t LP, which you might want to track down!

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  1. I dig this record a lot, such a weird variety of bands but it turned out great. Adding the CD booklet is kind of weird.But nowhere it get as good as the Embrace LP itself.I actually found my copy at a flea market in Antwerp.

  2. Flea market? Cool, I should start crate digging on those markets…The CD booklet was probably the most economic solution. Also if LP inserts aren't ready or all gone, adding a booklet of the CD version might be a solution.It's usually the scenario that the original version outdoes the cover version. Very exceptional when vice-versa.

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