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Two Revelation Represses: CIV & Chain

These represses from Revelation are aesthetically the most correct. That is why I bought them. What a first world problem or luxury problem it has become? Earlier people were happy with having one colored version of certain Revelation Records releases. No matter what color it was. No matter if it was aesthetically correct or not. Nowadays – as I said earlier – you can choose what suits you best…

So I did and saw the CIV on pink, wich is the color of best choice, it matches the cover more than every other color. So I thought I added this particular one to the collection.
CIV Set Your Goals LP pink vinyl Revelation Records
A weird detail is that Revelation has new colored vinyl stickers. As you can see on the LP’s from mcs post here. While the CIV is the only one who hasn’t got this new sticker.
Another one I had my eyes on was the green marbled Chain Of Strength ep’s compilation 12 inch. Also looking very good in my opinion:
Chain Of Strength LP green vinyl reissue Revelation Records


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