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Take Offense Testpress Rescue

Someone stumbled across my site and asked me to sell a record he wanted. The answer was no because it’s from the Reaper Records collection. It concerned the “Tables Will Turn” record release version. This event made me get the urge to make an updated collection shot of Take Offense’s first LP. I made several before but none were featuring all I had. So I took them out and did it again.

reaper records test press release show vinyl color
Take Offense “Tables Will Turn” collection

There is a concern I wanted to share with you people. As you see the one above left has a screen printed sleeve. Well, I had bought some PVC protective sleeves and stored this record in one of them. What happened is that the PVC sleeve absorbed the ink from the screen print and now the protective sleeve and the cover have become one. And they can’t be separated from each other anymore.
But luckily the screened cover was an extra cover and I could remove the white DJ sleeve and the vinyl. So what was left was that damned PVC sleeve with the cover sticking in it. Then I had the idea to cut away all that PVC stuff around the cover. And now the cover is sort of laminated with the transparent PVC.

So I advise you to never put a screen printed record in such a PVC sleeve otherwise accidents will happen. Too bad for my test pressing but I could minimize the hurt. I won’t sell it anyway so it’s only me who can be bothered with it…

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  1. Glad to see some posts again! PVC sleeves are always a problem. If I use them, I always put a PE foil between record cover and PVC sleeve to avoid this shit. But be some were hit even worse: Erich Keller from goodbadmusic destroyed an OG KÖRÖ cover with this.

  2. Yeah, If I had read this before it wouldn't have happened. Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I just used them thinking they would protect soft sleeves more than poly ethylene. What I now do is put thin cardboard between the sleeve and the vinyl and put that in the PE sleeve. PVC sucks!

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