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Reaper Records United Blood 2015 Limited Editions

A couple of months ago there was United Blood Fest in the USA. As per annual tradition Reaper Records makes a few limited cover editions for some of the vinyl they have available from the bands that play the fest. This year they had three 7 inch titles made with a special cover. Obviously they didn’t look too far this year, they altered three classical and iconic covers into a limited cover.

First up is the limited sleeve for the Malfunction “Finding My Peace” 7 inch. They took the holy grail of NYHC as their template and altered it to cover for the band. As to why they chose this cover in particular for Malfunction I don’t really know. Whether they did it at random or if there is a story behind it I wouldn’t know. The designers did their best to alter the Agnostic Front flag into a flag with the release title and too make it realistic. Although one sees the sharper lines of the text compared to the blur of the original Agnostic Front “United Blood” cover.

Malfunction Finding My peace Reaper Records
Malfunction 7 inch with the AF United Blood rip off cover

I remember that there were plans made for an LP of Malfunction on Bridge Nine Records but obviously that sank into oblivion or got delayed.

Second 7 inch they produced is the Down To Nothing “All My Sons” with a Minor Threat rip off cover. They used the second press sleeve of the legendary and classical Minor Threat first 7 inch. They altered the band name and the Dischord Record logo. A well succeeded one. The Straight-Edge might be the main reason why they got this record used as a template. Also an honor for Down To Nothing to be compared to the first-ever Straight-Edge band.

Down To Nothing All My Sons Reaper Records
Down To Nothing 7 inch with the Minor Threat rip off cover

There is however a third 7 inch made for the No Values 7 inch from their catalog but I have not succeeded in obtaining a copy. This one got the Life’s Blood “Defiance” cover that was released on Combined Effort Records originally. Unfortunately I am not able to picture it here.

Pressing info is 50 copies of both limited editions. Also can be concluded that Reaper Records respects the classics and passes over tradition to the kids. Many kids, even American, most likely don’t know these classical covers…

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  1. Awesome scores Willem!The Down To Nothing record is actually a rip of the most recent version of the Minor Threat 2 7″s on 12″ LP. The OG 7″ was a two tone cover and used the old Dischord logo on the front. T

  2. These are awesome. I like ripoff sleeves. Must have something to do with being accustomed to the originals. I tend to like these things because I like the originals, even if the ripoffs may have less in common with the originals.


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