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I’m Into Another

Indeed it happens now and then. I catch myself being too much into another so that I get confused at times as to who I really am. This admiration of or interest in other persons is quite human, I know. But collecting and listening to music can trigger this human asset. Maybe this explains why I collect two labels loyally and dedicated. And this happened also with buying this record. I saw a lot of internet posts on Blogger and Instagram when it came out. Or short after Rev sent these out. I saw a copy at the Good Life distro so I picked it up. This is a band that has Richie Birkenhead from Underdog, a famous New York Hardcore band, in the line up.

I first listened to Into Another when the first LP of the band was repressed by Revelation Records in 2012. I didn’t buy it but got it for free by entering a contest on Vinyl Noize blog. From which I became one of the winners. That was very cool.

So here is Omens, their new release in 2015. I kinda like it but not that much. I can only compare it to the self-titled LP from 1991 and can say they didn’t changed that much, might be fooled also. Because it is likely the vocals that make the band so recognizable.

Ghost Ship Records Revelation Records
Into Another “Omens” LP on purple vinyl

The cover is good also, I didn’t notice it at first but the light source behind those dark and creepy trees is not a moon, it’s actually the Into Another logo.

I have a few other records that I bought. These are for other posts.


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