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Sheer Terror "Spite" on black vinyl

Took me a while to find a copy of the “Spite” 7 inch on black vinyl. And here it finally is. It’s actually the third time that I’m “buying” this one. The first time it was listed wrongly on Discogs, turned out the vinyl was green. Second time on eBay also the wrong color turned up. The history behind it is that Reaper Record pressed only 200 copies of this one. They sold out pretty fast because they had only the half of them available for pre-orders and the other half were inserted randomly in wholesale orders for distribution.

The above facts explain two things. Firstly it explains why I missed out on pre-orders and had to find a copy elsewhere. Hundred copies is not much for a Sheer Terror record. Especially since this record kinda was a comeback release. The second thing it explains is that – since I knew that there were another 100 copies available at random distro’s – I had two wrongly delivered records. Although this wasn’t completely my mistake. Usually distro’s and Discogs mention when it’s colored vinyl and this wasn’t the case with the two records I bought. So I assumed that they were black, since otherwise color was not mentioned. But it didn’t really hurt me because I wouldn’t pay high prices when not being completely sure it’s the correct version.

Anyway this one was correctly listed and here it is finally, Sheer Terror “Spite” on black vinyl:

Sheer Terror “Spite” 7 inch on black vinyl
Sheer Terror poster insert for the “Spite” 7 inch
Lyrics poster insert with Paul Bearer in live action


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