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Take Offense "Tables Will Turn" shades of purple

Other blog authors, Reaper Records and I already agreed on the fact that there is a lot of color variation to be found in the vinyl of the Take Offense “Tables Will Turn” LP. But words are not enough, a good photo was needed to proof the stance. So I acquired another copy of the “purple” first pressing. As I said it is always a guess whether it would be a color that differs enough from the other colors. Also on web photos this isn’t always clear. But my instinct did not fail me. I found a purple copy that is lavender looking. While my two other copies are one more darker and the other brighter, fuchsia looking.

Reaper Records Chulavista Hardcore Take Offense
Take Offense “Tables Will Turn” LP
different shades of purple

And still I would like to find a copy between the fuchsia and the lavender. This way the gradient would be even clearer. The gradient is a bit abrupt between those two colors.

Solid record by the way…


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