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Wise Up "On The Brink Of Ruin"

I am truly surprised by this 7 inch “On The Brink Of ruin” by the Belgian band Wise Up. Don’t know the full history of the band but we aren’t writing here for this. The only thing I have is this 7 inch, that has the music, the lyrics and the rest of a usual release from the 90’s scene in Belgium, like a huge thanks list.

What I did know before getting this is that the band comes from Brussels, that lays in the centre of Belgium. And that the 7 inch was released on Released Power Productions. That’s a label that also released the H8000 band Solid in cooperation with Existence Of Hate Records. The vinyl label tells us that it was released in 1997 (which is a great idea to put it up there, considering users like me in foresight). This copy comes on blue, there is also a black. That’s the short discography side of the release.

Lyrically this is truly great. The first song deals with thinking and reflecting about our surrounding society. And the way it’s influenced by television. It captures their band name “Wise Up” entirely.

“Knowledge is my weapon, education my struggle…, your ignorance is my war” 

The other song I like lyrically is named “So Called Equality“. About the rising power of the government and the shortcomings of democracy. And not being entirely free in our so called free society. It’s still relevant up until today in my opinion.

Wise Up “On The Brink Of Ruin” 7 inch

The music is Metalcore, sometimes conceptual, a bit technical and sometimes melodic. There are backing vocals by some prominent people from the local scene, like Baldur (Arkangel) and Alain (Out For Blood). David later on went to play in Arkangel.

In the thanks list some say “Go Vegan”, some say “Go Vegetarian”, some say nothing about that. That’s diversity shining through.

Great and essential part of the Belgian Hardcore history, if you ask me. Feel free to share what you know about the band in your comment!


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