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Wanted: KOTF #9/25

Need to tell a story about the Keepers Of The Faith test press. As you will see, I got number 7 of this test press. I won this record on eBay short after the release of this Terror LP. It was an auction done by Reaper Records themselves. I paid for the record but after a month nothing had arrived. So I contacted Kitzel, telling him about the issue we had. The great man he is, he decided to send me another copy of this test press. So this is the copy you see.

Until today still no sign of the first test press he sent, number 9. He told me sent me number 9 in accordance to the Stay Cold test I had bought earlier. And he told me that if I could ever retrieve the lost record, I needed to send it back.

In these internet days, I still have a glance at hope for ever finding it back. Someday someone will post it or sell it. So if you see number 9, please contact me, your help is welcome. One day we’ll get the thieve who somewhere between New York and Bruges stole it during the mailing process. I am the record police.

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