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Facedown Debut 7 Inch

Facedown was a band from the Province of Antwerp in Belgium. They played powerful and emotional Metalcore with the Straight-Edge and vegetarian philosophy as message. Their lyrics are rather introspective with a hint of the Straight-edge and animal liberation mindset blended in.

They must have been the pioneers of the melody-guided spoken word in their song writing. And I do explicitly say this is their merit. Generally spoken, the other part of Belgium, the H8000 bands, didn’t do that very often, if not to say, never did that. Because it’s too emotional for them. Argue this if you think I am wrong and bring forward some musical examples please.

Facedown “Friendship Is Everything” clear and black vinyl

This 7 inch was released in the year 1996 according to on the label Evil Twin Records. This is the label of the two brothers Baeken. Is 1996 the correct year?

The clear one comes with a letter from Thomas Baeken to the buyers of this 7 inch. Explains us the band name and gives us an insight into the band’s philosophy. And the state of the Hardcore scene in Belgium.

Later on they had Genet Records as their label, for which they produced another four song 7 inch, called Friendship Is Still Everything. And their 1998 full-length Beyond All Horizons.


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