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Out Of The Cages

The Out Of The Cages is a compilation that features four bands, including Rancor and Purification. It was released by Surrounded Records from Roma, Italy to raise money for imprisoned animal rights activists.

With bands like Dim-Mak and Statement in it’s roster and with this compilation, it’s easily concluded that the label had Hardline convictions and a Hardline mission.

Although Rancor is not a vegan band, but a vegetarian band they were still featured on this compilation. They bring on this 7 inch a song with an atmospheric back ground sound, really special song. It’s widely known that they used a computer to produce their drum rhythm sound. Couldn’t believe it in the beginning when I was young. But when I pondered upon it it must have been true, given the fastness of that drum sound.

Already featured this compilation once but never posted the pink version, so here it is. Looks good!

V/A Out Of The Cages 7 Inch: A Benefit For Imprisoned Activists
Insert with Insurrection, Vengeance Of Gaia, Rancor & Purification


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