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Oathbreaker’s debut 7 inch has never been featured before. In the year 2009 they recorded this 7 inch and let it be released on vinyl by Thirty Days Of Night Records from the United Kingdom. Oathbreaker is a Church Of Ra band, like Amenra, The Black Heart Rebellion, Hessian, Hive Destruction, Black Haven, … They come from Ghent in Belgium and were formed by Lennart Bossu. He played in Firestone, one of the mid to late 90’s H8000 bands. So they have their roots in this scene.

The self titled release was the first of many good releases to come. They play a kind of Metal Punk that is hard to describe in words. As with all good music, this is the case. I have seen them live once at de Vooruit in Ghent. I was impressed by their bass player from the first stroke he did on his bass guitar. The dark screaming vocals are done by a women.

Oathbreaker 7 inch clear with black splatter
Side A:
Side B:

Later on they joined the Deathwishinc. label that is based in the United States, to release three full lengths for them. Logically they did shows in the USA also. Great for a Belgian band to achieve such great things in Hardcore.


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