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To Die For

The Integrity record “To Die For” has been growing on me during the years. The more I listen to it, the more I realize how great it is.

I have had the CD for about a decade and then it stopped playing correctly because of a scratch. That’s how it goes with that format. So when it started skipping I started to want a vinyl version to listen to. A few months later, my will was easily fulfilled because Backbite Records from Germany launched pre-orders for the 12 inch version of this classic.

I ordered and I few months later I was playing this.

Integrity “To Die For” 12 inch yellow marbled vinyl
Cover finished with transparent varnish

This was supposed to come as and sold as a record with a gatefold cover. That didn’t happen unfortunately. The yellow marbled version is listed as 100 copies existing on Discogs.


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