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Deformity “Murder Within Sin” LP

Murder Within Sin is the first full length of Deformity and was released on Next Sentence Records for Europe and Blasphemour Records for the USA. After their Hardcore releases (live beyond demo, Misanthrope CD and split with Congress) they started to play more pure and technical Death-Metal but their Hardcore background still shines through. That is why I call this a hybrid album.

The Murder Within Sin full-length of Deformity was never before released on vinyl. Previously only the compact disc version existed. Blasphemour Records from the United States did the job. They pressed this Death-Metal and Hardcore hybrid onto vinyl in four colours earlier this year. Three colours were distributed in Europe; the red, black and white vinyl copies. Also a clear with black smoke vinyl version exists, these were distributed in the States by Blasphemour Records only. Some transitional copies also exist, those were posted on Instagram by the label on their profile.

Pressing information is mentioned on a sticker of the protective sleeves of the records. Black vinyl is out of 100 copies, red vinyl 152 copies and white vinyl is out of 175 copies:

black vinyl: 100 copies
red vinyl: 152 copies
white vinyl: 175 copies

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