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25 years Nirvana Unplugged

Shortly after I bought the original pressing of the Nirvana Unplugged LP I was visiting Nirvana’s Facebook page. They were selling the 25th anniversary edition of the release through the official Nirvana merchandise store located in the United States. I decided to hop on and buy the record while it was still available on colored vinyl.

The record is a double LP that has the original recording spread out over one and a half records. In addition to that it has 5 rehearsal tracks on side 4. The records came out nicely on marbled opaque purple and marbled opaque orange. Sleeve is gatefold and looks great as well. With glossy silver finishing on the front and silver lettering on the back side of the cover. Record came very well packaged as well and had no custom charges. Props to those who do the Nirvana official store, whoever that might be…

Here are some photo’s:

Nirvana “Unplugged In New York” 25th anniversary edition
purple and orange double LP in gatefold cover


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