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Falls Of Torment

Feels great that Liar’s first LP called “Falls Of Torment” is reissued and available again. I already told you about the “Falls Of Torment” Diehard version. Well, besides the Diehard version there is also a version pressed with the original cover artwork that was used for the original pressing on Good Life Recordings. The record has an altered insert, also based on the original insert that came with 200 copies of the original pressing. This time the record has colored vinyl, it’s clear dark blue with white splatter.

Liar “Falls Of Torment” LP 2019 reissue

The backside has the Kris Verwimp artwork as well, looks more or less the same but the Good Life Recordings logo is replaced by FX7 Records. That’s the label of Hans Liar that reissued this record. It is out of 300 copies, some say even more limited. The vinyl labels have gotten an update. Side A has Josh Fury and side B has Hans, UxJx and the crowd during a live performance.

Do not look for a demo or a 7 inch that came before this record originally released in 1996. Liar’s first release was immediately an LP, straight up, like a hammer. Released by Good Life Recordings, their first release as well…


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