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Out For Blood and Stormcore 1997

A while ago I had the chance to pick up a good condition copy of the Out For Blood demo 7 inch on red vinyl from Division Records. I already told you about the band pressing of the Out For Blood demo 7 inch earlier. This is one of the first 500 red vinyl copies. What’s interesting about this purchase is that it came with an additional poster.

The poster tells me something I did not know. Out For Blood did two shows with Stormcore in March 1997 in Genève and Bern, Switzerland. Was it part of a greater tour? Stormcore was an amazing French Hardcore band that had several releases on CD and 7 inch. The bands from Brussels have always been more open for doing shows with French bands.

Here are some photo’s about what I have been telling:

Out For Blood 1996 demo 7 inch red vinyl
back side cover of the Out For Blood demo 7 inch
Out For Blood & Stormcore tour poster


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