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Deformity Test Press

Deformity never had an album released on vinyl before. Blasphemour Records from the United States changed that a few years ago. As in fine American tradition there are test pressings made for the release. And as in fine H8000 tradition, there are transition colour copies of the release also. This post features the two.

Firstly the test press, it has several stamps on the centre label. Done with two different colours of ink. It’s also numbered out of twenty copies with magic marker. My copy is number 18. Test presses are made to give a sample of the plates that will be used to press the vinyl. Then the label can test the audio of the records on flaws or imperfections. If the label approves, than the same plates will get used to press all other records. But nowadays test presses are made for other reasons also. They are most often the most rare version of a record and highly collectible for that reason.

Deformity “Murder Within Sin” test pressing

The next record is a transition copy of the white coloured version, it’s pink and is the result of the white vinyl being mixed with some leftovers of the clear red vinyl version. There are 18 copies that are this way. They got numbered on the dust sleeve.

Deformity “Murder Within Sin” pink transition vinyl

Musically the record sets a step away from the Hardcore scene they were born in. With Misanthrope they made a bastard child. A flawless Hardcore versus Death Metal mix was created. They go all out Metal for this release.

Check out a previous post I made for more information about the release.


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