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Mainstrike No Passing Phase

Mainstrike from the Netherlands was one of Europe’s Straight-Edge Hardcore powerhouses from the mid to late nineties. They played at times groovy and at times fast paced Youth-crew Hardcore. And brought a positive message of Straight-Edge and sober living. Reflections about growing up, living life and about the influences of others.

This record was released through Crucial Response Records in 1998 and they also released the first 7 inch for the band and the the first LP along with some other records. The cover of the release suggests die hard Straight-edge with the hands getting X’d up in black marker. The symbol that the Straight-Edge kids wore on their hands. And the title “No Passing Phase” suggests life long commitment to it.

The release packaging is well done and has everything Hardcore collectors want; coloured vinyl, glossy silver ink, a bonus poster of a life performance and a collection of flyers on the 12×24 inch insert. The record is also hand numbered on the dust sleeve.

mainstrike no passing phase crucial response records
Mainstrike “No Passing Phase” LP clear vinyl

According to the thanks list this band had relations with the Belgian scene (Geert nailed to the X, Ed Good Life, Bruno Genet Records, Brob, …) and the German scene (Patrick Reaper Records, Rene Natzel, …). But also American bands mentioned for sure. There were no borders!


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