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Bloodline Can’t Rest On The Times

Bloodline from Saint Paul, Minnesota in the USA, released this record in 1992. It was released by the label Nemesis Records. The Nemesis Records book states the following about the release:

“After hearing a 7 inch by these guys, I thought it was really good. I don’t remember if they came to me or if I sought them out, but I think they had already recorded it, had artwork ready to go and I was on board. I don’t remember much else about these guys. It was a good, solid Hardcore release that I was glad to do. I never met any of them. I gave them a bunch of records and “that was that”, as they say. Glad I did it.”

Considering that this record was released in 1992 and after hearing their music, I see this one as a progressive Hardcore record, different than what most were playing at that moment in time. They played a groovy and catchy breed of Hardcore, with a clean and rhythmic vocal style. Must have been refreshing for Hardcore kids in 1992, certainly European Hardcore kids. As this style leans more toward the New York Hardcore genre as is far away from the agony filled and emotional Hardcore coming from Europe at that moment in time.

Bloodline Can't rest on the times LP red vinyl nemesis records
Bloodline “Cant’ Rest On The Times” red vinyl LP

Lyrics deals with bad politics, abuse of power and the government mainly. The lack of justice that the system brings. A critical stance towards the world observed by the lyric writer. A critical stance towards the capitalist society he lives in. And the struggle he experiences in live. “Can’t Rest On The Times” actually is a call to action. As the past is gone and it can’t come back. A call to create new things and despite the future might not always look bright, still keep doing that.

Finally a side note. I found this record for less than 8 euro. Considering the condition it’s in, still in shrink wrap, with coloured vinyl sticker and vinyl clean, I see this as a great acquisition to my collection! Some other people will concur!

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