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Pray Silent


Genet Records is a Belgian record label that helped promote and spread H8000 Hardcore bands and other 90’s bands. Some of their most renown releases are Liar “Invictus” and Facedown “Beyond All Horizons”. My perspective upon Genet Records has gotten wider lately. They also released an important part of the Swedish scene, like Abhinanda. But also other bands from Italy and other European countries and the USA. Bruno is the owner of this label and is also the main organiser of Ieper Fest.

This 7 inch called The Golden Flag by Pray Silent is from a late 90’s Hardcore band from Switzerland. And was released by Genet Records. They play a heavy metallic style of Hardcore in vein of the Edge-Metal. They also have a split 7 inch with an Floridian band called Andromeda. Which I will later elaborate. mentions the existence of two colours clear and aqua blue. But recently I discovered another colour that hasn’t entered that database. It’s an opaque orange/yellow mixed.

clear vinyl (amount unknown)
clear blue vinyl (amount unknown)
opaque salmon (amount unknown)


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