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Fugazi was formed by Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat. He formed the band in 1986 and they played their first show in 1987 according to They have had a steady line up. Only changing their drummer in the very beginning.

According to Wikipedia; the name was taken from a book with compiled stories of Vietnam veterans by Mark Baker, called “Nam”. The slang acronym “Fugazi” used in this book stands for; “Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In”. Zipped into a body bag, that is…

The band is known for their DIY-ethics. They released all of their records through Dischord Records, the label of Ian Mackaye himself. The Hardcore Punk roots shine through even more, when you read that they always wanted the entrance tickets to their shows to stay affordable. And also wanted no excessive treatment during their tours. They have toured all over the world and were an influence to many more famous bands.

Fugazi “s/t” red vinyl

Lyrics of this ep deal with self-development in the song “Waiting Room”. While “Suggestion” deals with women being watched at on the streets without wanting that. While “Glue Man” deals with addiction to drugs.

They have released this 12 inch ep for the first time in 1988. It has been repressed several times over the decades. Now it has been repressed on coloured vinyl for the first time. So it sold out quite fast and is currently in back order by the label.

They have released more albums throughout the nineties. Their last recorded output seems to date from 2001. After that they have released countless live-series and pressed their first demo on vinyl in the year 2014.

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