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Timebomb LP

Timebomb “The Full Wrath Of The Slave” is a Metal Core masterpiece coming from Rome, Italy. Musically this is surprisingly varied and well-played. Guitar riffs that drag you down, under and up again and drums are fast and on spot. The vocals’ production make them sound a bit inhuman and might give the whole an archaic feel. But the lyrics are varied and the content covers lots of the topics dealt with in nineties Hardcore and Hardcore in general. Lyrics are cryptic to an extend but clear enough to understand the message. Also there are text explanations added in case you have missed it…

The Full Wrath Of The Slave (Side 1)

Days Of Steel” deals with the loss of faith and the realization that there is no deity. And so that we are alone and responsible for our actions. If we want to fight injustice we need to find strength within ourselves and with those we choose to surround us.

“Back To The Fire Age” is a philosophical song that starts with the insight that man learned and still learns to control and use the power of nature. But the more we use nature’s powers to more we risk to destroy ourselves within our own evolution. The power we give ourselves comes with great responsibility. And we must learn from our mistakes.

“Deathblow” is a fast drummed song with very short break downs that are completely silent. And the content is an ecological topic again. There is another risk of destroying ourselves and our planet if we continue to consume like we do. The planet is our habitat and we need to sustain it.

“Flames Of Disorder” is a truly intriguing song. The vocalist thinks about societies of all ages and centuries and gives an insight into sociological and political forces that are at hand in those societies. He uses an ancient story of two giants to illustrate what he is saying. It’s about the relationship between an individual and the masses.

The Full Wrath Of The Slave (Side 2)

There was also a test press made for this title:

Test Pressing

There should be a coloured version also, which isn’t pictured here…

Timebomb “Flames Of Disorder”
Timebomb “One Solution”


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