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A Cool Parcel Straight From Japan (Stormcore – KDS crew Content)

Today the mailman woke me up for delivering a nice parcel straight from the land of the Rising Sun, JAPAN! I scored some records I was searching for a long time.

The first one is the very, very rare color version of the first STORMCORE 7″ called In For The Kill.

stormcore in for the kill 7 inch color blue black splatter vinyl Mad Mob records kds france
Color version out of 50 only !
stormcore in for the kill 7 inch color green brown split vinyl Mad Mob records kds france
Probably even more rare color

As you know, classic European hardcore records aren’t that easy to find, because kids or older collectors aren’t eager to sell their stuff and even less eager to put them on ebay. So I never thought I’d find the color version of this release that I knew to be out of 50 copies only.

And then another release of STORMCORE, their second 7″ RENNES IN BLOOD! This isn’t a typical hardcore record though. They bring an ultra brutal cover of SLAYER’s Rain In Blood, for which they altered the title; RENNES IN BLOOD. Besides that the hard songs flow over in an ambient atmospheric sound. Weird but very cool to hear.

Not from the parcel but from from my first records is this one:

Stormcore / Krutch split 7″

What you’ve seen here is there total vinyl output. Nothing more than two seveninches! I was looking a long time for this 7″ also, from right when I started collecting. I really wanted this because back in the late nineties I used to mosh hard in my sisters bedroom on the music of this release. I got it from a friend but had to give it back ofcourse. I used to mosh in my sisters bedroom because she had a pick-up, but I didn’t. Sweet memories for sure when I hear this again!

Anyway other record that was on my wantlist was this split LP between SPIRIT OF YOUTH and ONE KING DOWN on Good Life Recordings. Since I collect Good Life releases from the 90’s I needed this one. The most nice thing about it is the condition, easily graded as perfect, Mint condition. Just like the records I got from Edward (CEO of Good Life), in perfect shape. Sweet!!

spirit of youth one king down LP clear vinyl nyhc h8000
CLEAR Wax out of 300 made

The final record is the CIV full length, I got it for a bargain price from the same seller. Not on BLUE wax, but who cares; I’m currently not that much of a Revelation collector. So this is a copy to listen to, since the seam is split.

Another sweet detail is that the seller loves everything H8000 and Kindred. Look what he wrote in the box:

Anyway, parcel with records sweet enough to make this post about it!!

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  1. Stormcore heeft ook nog een split-7″ uit met Krutch ;-)staat daarnaast ook zeker nog op 1 verzamel 7″, kzou eens moeten kijken voor de rest


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