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A Surprise Parcel

I have had another lot in the mail. In it were a book, six 7″s and two shirts. It was actually a surprise parcel, because I didn’t exactly know what was going to be in it. I have given something very nice to a friend and trusted him enough to know that what he was going to give back something very nice instead. And it was true…

I will start off with the seven inches:

The first one is actually totally new to me, to say I knew it existed and read some stuff about the band but never actually heard it. It is the IN MY EYES demo 7″. What I do know about it is that it is a band from Boston MA and that they had a couple of records on Rev also. I guess a demo 7″ is a good way of starting with a band. I’m always open to new music. And I like the the shiny ink used to make the sleeve. It is the European press on Grapes Of Wrath Records and out of 300 I believe. I also think there are 3 colours pressed in the EU-pressing and that this one is the second most limited one.

The one in the middle above is the SHAFT 7″ on black. I know this band from a review I read in H8 zine issue #5. It was a very popular band in the H8000 area, because they played in the same style and recorded this in the H8000 mekka studio; Midas. Although it was a German band.

The last one above is the UP FRONT / BUILDING split on Sober Mind Records. A nice one to add to my collection. This one is also sought after by American collectors, of course because Up Front is an American band but also because Building has Packo from True Colors on vocals. I already have it on black and also on clear purple. Looking at the clear purple one I think it is a transitional colour. Not sure though, but if there is a clear version beside the solid purple version I think this might be the case. These coloured version have different labels than the black one so I think this is a different pressing. I also had one internet source telling me that the black is out of 1000 made. The matrix also says that this one is Sober Mind Records #1.

The first one below is an AGNOSTIC FRONT tour 7″ it is numbered out of 3000 and pressed for their pacific tour. Cool to see Vinnie Stigma and Roger Miret standing in their well-known formation in the cover picture. Vinnie almost always stands behind Roger doing funny stuff while playing the heaviest riffs. I love em.

The second one below is the oldest, namely from the year 1990. It is the STATEMENT ‘Prepare For Battle 7’ on HARDLINE RECORDS. This is a vegan band that has also done a split with DIM MAK. I already got to know these bands by the ANIMAL TRUTH compilation. And this split 7″ is actually still in the mail. I got it on eBay along with 7″s of other hardline bands, like Purification and Dehumanize.

The last of is a funny one. It is on the label of Stephen Kickback. I looked it up and found something on another blog about it.

The labels say that it is to be played on 45 rpm but then it sounds like some fast death metal act. Kinda cool because I played it on this rpm the first time and was surprised; I thought WTF??

Enough about the vinyl, there was also a book in the surprise parcel. I haven’t come to read it yet. Must take some time to read it in the near future…

And last in the parcel were a shirt of Underdog and a mystery shirt.

The mystery shirt is a Morrissey parody shirt and Peachy is the singer of SIX FEET DITCH. That’s all I know about it.

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  1. Definitely a nice parcel!!!* The BUILDING/UP FRONT split has 100 on clear/ transparent purple vinyl.* The SHAFT 7″ has been pressed on 300, as far as I know. Is this red vinyl?

  2. The Shaft sleeve says limited edition of 200 copies and is on black vinyl with black labels.I have another rare Building seveninch coming in and am waiting to make a post about the records.Thanks for clearing the pressing info out and for the response.Peace


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