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Abnegation LP Orange and Test press

What is this doing here and what is this slab of Death Metal doing on Good Life Recordings? Good questions that needs to get answers. Anyway for me it’s something quite different and reaching the extremities of hardcore’s boundaries. Listening to such musical work is good once in a while. Clears out your views you know. And lets you get to know the more manifest influences upon hardcore.

This release does just that. As you can see on the vinyl label of the LP they are influenced by the following bands. Nice idea to make such things visible and known to the consumer!

See influences beneath the text or above Good Life logo.

Notice the persons in the thank-list also. Definitely people from the hardcore-scene in there too. Just to mention Scott Vogel as one.

Ofcourse there’s the ultimate and most obvious influence SLAYER, but there also Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Crowbar. Maybe it’s time for you to do an educational excursion on YouTube to check out these bands?

Anyway the record has a horror-cover and there’s also a test pressing in existence. Here’s what to look for:

abnegation verses of the bleeding lp orange vinyl good life recordings
abnegation verses of the bleeding lp test press good life recordings
White label test press that comes in regular cover

Anyway totally cool release yet surprising and unusual. There’s also some 7 inches to collect on various labels. Start with their page on Discogs to check it out. Totally rare and hard to find. Although the split with Chapter is the easiest to come by…


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