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Absone / Primal Age – Split / Best Of Tape

Besides now writing for Records With History And Future, I do other stuff as well. I have a small label and this post is to promote my fourth release. It’s a best of split release on cassette. Bands featured are Primal Age and Absone. It was released just a day ago. Read everything about it in the following post.
Absone / Primal Age – My Legacy / Eternal Struggle
The Best Of 17 Years XVX 90’s Metalcore (And Still Going Strong)
BBMA04 – 1st Press/60 (15 Pre-Order, 45 Regular)
Out Now!
Primal Age were founded ’97 in France, as a vegan straight edge metalcore band. After some compilation Songs and a full length in ’99, they went on hiatus… But just to mainly focus on their side-project Absone (3, and later 4 of the 5 members were the same as in Primal Age). Under that name they released a split EP with Decontaminate and a killer LP entitled A Last Kiss Before, which came out on Sober Mind Records in Belgium and on x83x in Swiss, both awesome labels!

Unfortunately, in ’04 (?) they got some serious beef with their drummer and so they decided to lay things to rest (what only few people know is, this happened right after a studio session! so there is a whole Absone LP out there, in “some box” according to them, that never saw the light of day… and probably never will – I really tried my best to convince them that I should hear it… not a chance!)

Anyway, this was no reason for the remaining guys to stop making music and spreading the good (vegan straight edge) message, so they just revived Primal Age! They started playing some shows in ’05 again and Eternalis re-released their LP in ’06. (Remastered, with a nice new artwork, etc. – although only on CD) In ’07 finally a new Record followed and despite what many people might have thought, they still delivered! Havent sold out or anything like that. In ’10 another (even better) album followed and a 3-Way-Split CD in ’13.
So, these guys have been around for more than 17 years now and are still going strong! They’re still playing shows and (maybe) a new record is planned as well! With these tapes, it was virtually my chance to give something back to them… to kind of honor their memory.
Therefore I equipped these tapes with a lot of information, pictures, lyrics and even an Interview I did with them (for those of you who thought that this whole insert thing just looked like a paper for ants, dont worry, I’ll upload pdf’s in the next days).
However, just head over to the store now, get yourself a copy of it and decide for yourself:
Thank you for your attention. xRULEx


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