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Again Our Systems Are Overloaded

Last Sunday I helped Edward from Good Life Recordings with the first annual record-fair at cinéPalace in Kortrijk. It was all good fun and the cooperation went smooth as usual. I also got the opportunity to meet some of my local readers and share some words with them in person. What can I wish more for?

Recently I got some records in, two of the incoming records are related with each other by label. Many people know Organized Crime Records for the INTEGRITY releases. Those reissues got top treatment with varnish on the full color covers, accompanied by posters, colored vinyl variations, stamps, limited numbered editions, etc. I think it’s a job very well done. So many people asked us at the recordfair for the new remix of Systems Overloaded. It seems that many people already know and actually want a physical vinyl copy of that remix.
I also wanted a copy and got one. It’s already the third version that was sold. The first version was promptly reviewed here by Ezekiel (the second author of this blog). I invite you to check it out if you wish. The second version was part of the recordstore day pressing from this year on black. And the one I got is the latest or third run out of 550 copies on white vinyl.
integrity a2 orr mix reissue systems overload organized crime records vinyl lp
It’s an awesome mix to say at least. Better than the first mix that was released by Victory Records. It seems that reissues of 90’s classics get better and better with the new mixes. I also said here that the new production of the 1992 record, “Strike The Match” from Nations Of Fire is better that the original. While it seems that the Revelation remixes (like Break Down The Walls, …) or Dischord remixes (like Out Of Step, …) were better remained untouched.
Anyway I’ll keep the second record that was related by label for the next post. Stay tuned!

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