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ALL OUT WAR Reissue Package

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Last week I ordered something I wasn’t knowing about totally. It seems that the exemplary label who does the INTEGRITY reissues had plans earlier I was totally unaware about. But all of a sudden while browsing the Good Life webstore I saw that the legendary and my most favorite ALL OUT WAR record had been reissued. I was totally surprised and decided to look up more deeply what was going on.

After doing some research on the internet it seemed that ORGANISED CRIME records had repressed this ultimate 90’s classic on three colors. But what was even more cool was that they had them still available even in a limited numbered edition. But what struck me even more was that they also created a 10 inch record with the 1992 demo songs on it. And as if that wasn’t enough they also had a Holy Terror split project in the Rot In Hell / Vegas split 6 INCH. Yes, no typo, 6 INCH!

So I needed no further arguments to order this all in a pre-order package. And 3 workdays later it arrived which is also something that I never had before, records being shipped from the USA on 11th of May and arriving the 15th of May with a weekend in between. This is a 2 to 3 weekdays, I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E !

Well apart from that lets get to the point:

the pre-order package: 4 limited records
12″ ALL OUT WAR Truth In The Age Of Lies
10″ ALL OUT WAR 1992 demos
7″ THE KILLER Obey No One
6″ ROT IN HELL / VEGAS split

The one I’m most exited about is the 10 Inch with the demos, let’s have a look:

all out war demo 1992 10 inch vinyl red
Screenprinted thick red paper and red vinyl
 5 songs on the 1992 demo:
“Destined To Burn”
“Struggle Within”
“Fall From Grace”
“Stuck Inside”
“Day Of Judgement”
handnumbered 022 / 165

Never heard these tracks so I will be listening to the download that came with it…

Second most exciting thing is the split 6 inch from two awesome Holy Terror bands:

vegas rot in hell 6 inch red vinyl
ROT IN HELL cover / VEGAS centerlabel
VEGAS cover / ROT IN HELL centerlabel

Also came with a download, so I won’t be playing it. It is out of 200 copies only… (300 more on Yellow, which make it 500 in total…

Then ofcourse the ALL OUT WAR debut LP called “Truth In The Age Of Lies”. Also the most limited color and numbered. But I have the original on black, yes there’s also a colored version of the Old Guy pressing. Namely the pressing on GAIN GROUND Japan instead of Germany. It’s an awesome LP yes,but I have the original so it’s merely a reissue, but looks sweet in that gatefold sleeve…

numbered on the dustsleeve 022 / 159
Note that the numbering coincides with the 10 inch (both 022), though there seem to be 6 less copies!

And lastly the 7 inch from THE KILLER on smoke vinyl.

To be kind; there are still some packages available in their webstore at this moment! If you are a kid and don’t know ALL OUT WAR I suggest you buy this reissue whether on vinyl or CD. Because AOW are THE pioneers of the “death”-thing mixed into hardcore. Back then this was ultra-heavy. I saw them live at Dour Festival in the late 90’s together with Vitality and it was awesome…

5 responses to “ALL OUT WAR Reissue Package”

  1. Yeah but I am sure the fast shipping is a matter of luck and NOT a matter of money paid for! It was the regular shippingprice for mail from the USA. So I just lucked out… Maybe you can get it from someone of RIH, they live in Europe.

  2. Damn, i thought of ordering that RIH/VVegas split too, but the shipping was almost as much as the record itself. So i backed out one this one ( + lots of other expenses 🙁 . Now i understand the expensive shipping ( 3 workday delivery). Luckily i'm expecting the Abraxis/VVegas split anytime now to cheer me up.

  3. @ Dicko, thanks for the pressing info as usual, hehe! I remember those packages indeed, but didn't come to order them or remember them while writing this post!

  4. You know that there were also 165 Halloween special packages of the Rot In Hell split on numbered black vinyl which came with a shirt and the 6″ came in a wax sealed envelope.

  5. I used to mail order from Victory in the mid-late 90s by phone. I would call up and give my credit card details on the phone. My records would always come in 3-4 days. I have noticed over the years that stuff fom the West coast of American takes 3-4 days longer to arrive on average. But how quickly you receive your order is, I think, largely down to when it is sent. Waiting weeks or months for orders is generally because it takes labels weeks or months to get your records packed up. But from the point they send them, you should probably be looking at 4 days for East Coast, or 7-8 days for West Coast.

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