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Here they are all three in my possession, it was a fun hunt buying them all. But without facebook I’d probably never got them or even knew the existence.

I already made a post about the first one in the series here! And it is unfortunate BLIND TO FAITH isn’t on one of them. But OATHBREAKER is very well too. Especially now that the band is on Deathwish inc. and that they made a astonishing debut full-length. Although I never heard it fully but I read several reviews on the web, that were pretty complimenting about the record.

As you can read on the sticker, the OATHBREAKER song on the 7″ is from the 2011 recording sessions with Lander Cluyse, where the full-length was recorded. So I’m happy to have this split 7″. And are thinking about buying the full-length now!

Anyway, what I’d like to say to is that they should use a small 7″ cardbox instead of sending a LP-mailer with three loose 7″ records. Would save me on shipping and would be better packaged in my humble opinion!

Belgian post packages cost a lot more (5,70€) than a 7″mailer with three 7″s that can be shipped as a letter for 1,83€
7″ mailers are also cheaper and exactly fit for those three 7″s

Just saying …

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