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An Ebay Story

A little behind on arrival and posting about it but I scored two classics for cheap. If you are experienced with eBay by self study or by listening and learning from what vinylnoize has to say you can get some good deals besides the more common expensive deals. The seller had for these record I’m posting about real short and insufficient item descriptions made and a lack of tagging so these went under the radar of many collectors. But I knew more about them just by looking at it and from past experiences….

Anyway, the description for this one was “Side By Side vinyl”. Not a mention about what pressing it was, what was the condition, label or whatever…. So I figured since I had none of every pressing and since it was mega cheap I decided to bid on it and won the auction easily. So here is the score ($31):

second press, silver label and bottom fold out sleeve

The next went even cheaper than this one ($26) and it the original Conviction Records pressing of the first Earth Crisis 7″.

As that isn’t enough luck I also scored the best condition copies of the Euridium 7″ by Congress so far from the same seller. It’s the brown 3rd pressing and can easily be graded and Near Mint and the purple second pressing!

As you can see collecting doesn’t always have to make a hole in your budget… And that with a little experience and luck eBay can be a good place to buy… Luck because vinylnoize later did coverage of this seller with the same critics…!

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