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ANGST 7" mini-Review

Doing a store on LIMITED PRESSING has advantages, surely on the field of expanding your connections. I was contacted by Joe who thought I was doing a distro. He had just made a record and was eager to distribute the 7″ on a larger scale. But I told him that I did not ran a distro but are a collector. And that I therefore couldn’t buy this one in a wholesale.

But I did tell him I could do a small review of the new ANGST 7″, because I heard it on the player in the limited pressing store and liked it. I also was surprised by his motivation in releasing records and it was the first time that I actually was contacted for a wholesale, and it opened a whole new view on being active in Hardcore for me. I mean to release record you definitely need a lot of money and the question is how to build up a reserve of money large enough to fund new releases. So he ran a distro. I also ask him to tell something about it and that’s what he had to say:

I started a distro in 2008 when I was 16 purely just because I loved collecting records and loved hardcore music. It didn’t take long for me to decide to start a label as there aren’t really any small DIY labels doing that kinda thing in Essex (where I’m from). 

I was 17 and jobless so I started off just doing tapes because it was cheap. Buying blank tapes, copying them all in my room, photocopying the artwork and selling them. Eventually got round to putting out a CD at the end of 2009 (Unloved – Fuck This Life EP) which I was stoked to be releasing. 

Things with the label sort of had to slow down as soon as they started to speed up though as I was diagnosed with Leukemia which sort of put a hold on things. I’ve managed to put out my first vinyl release this year though with the help of another UK label (Purgatory Records) which was awesome and I now have another vinyl release coming in October 2010 which is split with another label called Fist In The Air records. So overall 2010 wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be for my label but things will definitely speed up again in 2011 for sure. 

I can really respect those people, who are totally DIY and truly believe in hardcore and are active in the field of hardcore.

So this is a post for Joe from Worthless Nights Records. You can read the earlier releases of the label in the Limited Pressing store.

But let’s focus now on the release he sent me for free to review on this blog. ANGST is a band that is eclectic and inspired by nowadays American hardcore. The main influence I think is Trapped Under Ice, hearing the breakdowns the heavy slower parts and the sound of the guitars. But there are also other influences to be heard, especially when I here the metallic “melody”, I think about Pulling Teeth. Really a nice addition to the sound. The vocals are pissed of and remind me of Bracewar. But what’s is really remarkable is that they play also instrumental interludes.

I cant’ say anything about the themes they sing about, because there isn’t an insert that came with the 7″. And that’s a pity, because it is than rather abstract for listeners to know what goes on in the mind of the band or vocalist. Or what message they want to bring.

Anyway the record is on coloured vinyl and has a live-shot as cover:


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