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ANTIDOTE Repress: What A Relieve!

antidote thou shalt not kill nyhc reissue colors of first press bridge 9 records vinyl

I was very relieved to hear that this was going to be repressed. Since Bridge 9 already released the Project X reissue, the AF “Victim In Pain” and “United Blood” reissue, the underdog 7″ reissue, this was only waiting in line I guess.

I ordered all three colors in order to keep them safe in my own record collection. This record won’t get pressed often while hardcore exist. And as you might know already this is the only legal repress since the record’s inception in 1983. I also ordered the CD version of this because this is the kind of pure and real hardcore I need to keep me going. Every time I listen to these songs I immediately feel like going further with my hardcore activities, embodied in this blog. This is true primal NYHC and everybody needs this in their collection! Those who do not have all colors, don’t ask them from me, it was relatively long available from the B9 store in the pre-order package. Relatively because this is a highly desired gem for collectors and the OG goes for these prices. But do not panic, it is still for sale everywhere in Red and White.

ANTIDOTE plays fast and trashy hardcore that was a huge influence for later bands. The band originated in the Lower East Side NY in 1982 and had originally 4 members, including one of the Misfits and one who was a roadie for Bad Brains. It was the first time the NYHC sound was produced so clearly on a record.

Lyrically this is pissed of and hateful, about not having a job and foreigners taking these jobs. But also hate towards the nazi youth. Also streetwise lyrics; realizing that the young really do not need to die on the streets and that everyone shares the same faith in the end. And that the streets shelter many games, that he Louie doesn’t need. But also anger against the masters of war and the drafts they do. It is a self-explanatory and conversational way of writing lyrics.

Anyway, enough said about this, go pick up a copy and find out how this sounds and get more insight into the influences of the song-writer for instance in a cool story on the back of the insert. I repeat, ESSENTIAL!

PS: If you do need a green copy, search ebay, because I already saw one popping up there (as usual)…


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